Your attitude really does determine your altitude

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We were (again) captivated by Karim’s passion for his Tech Cleaners business. His card reads “IT Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance Services”. Fair enough, that IS the ‘business activity’ of Tech Cleaners. But that really doesn’t describe how this business is Karim’s ‘life purpose’ and he wants to improve everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. I particularly liked his comment that “…….these problems are caused by what you can’t see….” He means b****y awful microscopic bugs!!

Next Tuesday we’re hearing from ‘young’ Joe Denman who represents NViron. Joe is most definitely ‘young’ chronologically – but he has a wise old head on his shoulders. I’m always impressed by his knowledge of things IT – which, DuckDuckGo tells me, is a TLA for Information Technology. Who knew?!

The subject of attitude came up our meeting this week – I can’t recall the precise context. As most of you know, I’m a Private Pilot and the concept of ‘attitude’ for a pilot is hugely important. It describes the relationship of the wing to the oncoming airflow. If you don’t pay attention to the attitude of the aircraft, the wing can stop creating lift and you will begin to descend. Not always what you want… So, to fly a plane, your attitude really does determine your altitude.

For us business folk on the ground I’d expand this and say it’s your attitude – not your aptitude – that determines your altitude. Geddit? See what I did there?!

See y’all Tuesday. We start at 07.00…..