We’re back after Easter

Below is an extract from our weekly e-mails. Do you think you might enjoy Business Networking in Manchester? Then why not come and visit the Manchester Professional Network? We meet every Tuesday morning 7-9am in Didsbury. To book click here

I really hope no-one turned up at the hotel on Tuesday – but I really hope everyone turns up next Tuesday! The Easter break had fantastic weather and I got my white legs out for the first time this year – though it’s cold and miserable as I type this!

Thanks to Ben Shevlin for his excellent presentation of the services he can provide via Not Just Travel. Using NJT simply makes so much sense – no trawling the internet to find flights that coincide with the hotel you want, fully protected – what’s not to like?

Next week we’ll hear from new MPNer Luke Taylor. Like many of us, Luke has wide experience in the corporate world and has now decided to set up on his own as Orchard Compliance Ltd. Health & Safety is one of those “oh do we really have to?” issues that (I suspect) many businesses either ignore or pay lip service to. Well we do “really have to” and Luke’s role is to provide a straightforward, cost efficient and supportive service to help ensure we meet our H&S obligations. I’m very much looking forward to hearing his presentation.

We have a visitor on Tuesday: Siegfred has invited videographer Joe Lucas to come and meet us all. Joe ‘fits the mould’ – he’s had wide experience and has recently set out on his own.

Innocence of children

We currently have 12 ewes and 30 lambs gambolling around our back paddock. We have no horses just now, so a neighbour asked if he could use the grass. They are a rare breed called Zwartbles [me neither] – they are black and the lambs are delightful. My granddaughter Poppy was here this week and we were petting and generally communing with them when she said “Grandpa, when we eat a leg of lamb, is that the same thing as these guys?” I breathed deeply – my answer could affect her for ever! I can’t actually recall what I did say – something along the lines of when their mummies stop feeding them they would die anyway so it helps if we eat them – some such rubbish! Poppy thought about this for a moment then said “harsh!” and wandered happily back into the house.

I don’t think there a motivational message in there – just an insight into the fantastic innocence of children! See y’all Tuesday – we start at 07.00!!