The most insightful remark

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Thanks to Di Middleton for her excellent presentation on bookkeeping. Di is Finance Director of COS Bookkeeping and it was reassuring to hear that COS practice what they preach and that Di looks after their books!

Next week we’re hearing from Amanda Fearn who is a ‘Healthcare Partner’ with WPA. I was astonished when Amanda reminded me that she is just at the end of her second year of self-employment in this role. I am aware that she has done a lot of hard graft to get where she is now – and I suppose there’s a couple more ahead? This girl needs our referrals!

I enjoyed meeting our guests Jacob from Isagenics and Lynn from Give2Gain. Please come and see us again!

The most insightful remark

Amanda and I both attended a ‘TAB taster meeting’ hosted by Ian Gregory. There were 7 ‘delegates’ and I made lots of useful notes. Towards the end Ian asked everyone what their ‘take away’ from the meeting would be. One attendee – a very interesting guy who runs a growing software development business with 44 employees [eeek!] said his ‘take-away’ was that no matter how idiosyncratic and ‘different’ he had felt his business to be, he now realised that people who know nothing at all about his occupation could offer great ideas about his business. I thought that a most insightful remark. We all think our business ‘issues’ are unique to us – it ain’t true! And one benefit of a great group like MPN is we can discuss these issues.

See y’all Tuesday.