The harder I work the luckier I get

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Thanks for your ‘contributions’ this week. As a reminder, we define a ‘contribution’ as: giving a referral; reporting the value of business transacted by way of a ‘thanks for the business’; having a 1:1 with another MPN member and reporting it for my ‘dance card’; giving a testimonial for work done by another member; bringing a visitor.

No credits for making such a contribution [apart from that warm inner glow of satisfaction] and no debits for not making one. But we like ‘em when they come!

Main speaker this week was our newest member Siegfred Ntiamoah. As well as having a name which, I suspect, is misspelt even more often than mine, Siegfred is CEO of Indexsio Digital. As we discovered, this is a digital marketing business which he is currently running alongside a corporate job – but he’ll be full time shortly. Several of us at MPN know how scary it can be to leave the comfort and security of working for a big company and setting out on our own: I read a book once titled ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ and I can’t put how I feel about what Siegfred is doing better than that!

I freely admit to being a dinosaur when it comes to social media, influencing, in fact the whole digital world [though I think this thing called ‘e-mail’ is a pretty neat idea that may catch on] but I found his presentation quite riveting – though his early struggling with the ‘tech’ was a bit of a worry…..! Let’s see if we can get him some referrals.

Our main speaker next Tuesday is Diane Middleton who is a Director of COS Bookkeeping along with Karen Garrattley. I guess Karen gave you the ‘short straw’ Diane – but we look forward to seeing you!

I know most of you are deeply into football and I’m not! But you may be surprised to learn that I‘m not in any way ‘anti’ sport – I follow tennis closely and I really like athletics. A couple of years ago Camargue sponsored Jess Leyden who was (still is) an up-and-coming rower on the England team. Jess lives in Todmorden and is a client of one of my partners. We didn’t get hugely involved – we leased a car for her and gave her some media training – but, sadly, she narrowly missed the Olympics due to illness.

The harder I work the luckier I get

Another athlete whose career I’ve sort of followed is Naomi Ogbeta. She’s a local girl (from Salford) and is gradually climbing the success ladder as a triple jumper – she took this up because “if you get it wrong you get two more goes!” She had huge problems with nerves and, amazingly, set about conquering these nerves by doing improv comedy.

Just like our own Ben Shevlin! She reckons that if she can do improv, doing a sport she’s practised over and over again should be a breeze. I found out this week that she has her own YouTube channel [whatever that is] called ‘Leaps and Laughs’. I have yet to look at it – I need a grandchild to help me – but my point is that success in any endeavour, be it sport or business, is not down to luck but is largely down to sheer hard graft. Someone once said “the harder I work the luckier I get.”