The Joy of Tax

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Mornin’ all,

In my teen years we all furtively read a book titled ‘The Joy of Sex’. Our speaker this week was Elliot Cohen who should write his own book titled ‘The Joy of Tax’. I’m sure it would be a big seller – and probably excite more readers as well!

Elliot eloquently explained the ‘tax trap’ that will shortly start to apply to Buy-to-Let property investors. I shan’t (can’t) repeat it here [though I’ve no doubt Elliot will put a precis on our website…] but the scary thing is that a landlord who is unaware of the new rules – and doesn’t do any planning – could quite easily end up paying tax from his mainstream earnings in excess of the rent he’s received from his property rentals. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Ya got rental property? Talk to Elliot!

Next week you’ll have the unbridled joy of listening to yours truly. Marc often expresses concern when asked to speak at MPN: he feels we’ve “heard it all before” and worries that we’ll be bored. Of course, he then goes and makes a great presentation! Well I’m feeling a bit the same: my business is ‘advice’ rather than ‘products’ and I do find it hard to think of something new to say. So I probably won’t – see if I care!