See y’all Tuesday (and Wednesday)

Below is an extract from our weekly e-mails. Do you think you might enjoy Business Networking in Manchester? Then why not come and visit the Manchester Professional Network? We meet every Tuesday morning 7-9am in Didsbury. To book click here

My presentation this week wasn’t quite up to Elliot’s ’The Joy of Tax’ but, judging by your questions an e-mails this week, I managed to ‘hit a chord’. Paying tax out of mainstream earnings on ‘notional’ excess pension contributions is a bit weird to say the least. I explained it to a consultant anaesthetist yesterday and he said “is that right?” I replied “no, it isn’t right – but that’s how they do it!”

Next week it’s Siegfred’s turn to remind us of the scary (to me) world of digital marketing. Siegfred was telling me that business had slowed down and he was anticipating things to really take off today – Black Friday. So I guess he’ll not have time to read this – but he assures me he’ll find time to put his presentation together ready for Tuesday.

Don’t forget we have two MPN ‘meetings’ next week: full members are dining out on Wednesday. Everyone who has confirmed they’re coming is booked in and I’ve paid a deposit. With me on the wagon and Karen not coming it should be a cheap do Elliot….

See y’all Tuesday (and Wednesday).