benefits of LED Lighting

MPN Member: Marc Palmer
Business: Eco Lighting Specialists
Talk date: 9th April 2019

What are the key benefits of LED Lighting?
When modern, high quality LED Lighting is tailored to your specific business it creates an enhanced working environment with improved quality of light. It meets Health and Safety standards and helps meet your Corporate Social Responsibilities. But the biggest benefits are the enormous reduction in energy costs (averaging over 70%), virtually eliminating maintenance costs AND lowering carbon emissions (also averaging over 70%)

What do Eco Lighting Specialists do?
We carry out a full assessment free of charge. We then produce detailed calculations showing the cost of your existing lighting and the new cost with LED Lighting. Our proposal is tailored to your business and provides information for self-funding.

What is the ‘No Capital Outlay’ option?
You can complete the project without having to ‘find’ the funds. We can show you how to fund the scheme from the savings you are making. Your savings will pay for the project!

What makes us different?
Our tailored service ensures you get the precise lighting levels your business needs. We only use premium quality products, ensuring the savings are quantifiable and long-lasting. We offer first class customer service and have full manufacturer backup providing robust guarantees. Most of our clients stay with us for years, and continue to recommend us.

We aren’t just another sales company. We are Specialists. Eco Lighting Specialists.
The number one choice for LED Lighting upgrades.

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