People do business with people first

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Working on Sunday again – who’d be self-employed?! I got a bit absorbed in the tennis last week – and the precocious talent of Coco Gauff – so I’m making up for lost time!

A couple of weeks ago Karen Garrattley took us deep into her confidence and shared some of her family history. It’s always great to learn more about ‘the person behind the business’ – I always believe that people do business with people first – and whatever else comes afterwards. Karen’s story of family adversity and triumph touched us all and confirmed that life is all about family and relationships – business is unimportant unless we get those things right.

This week Marc Palmer shared some if the ‘back story’ leading up to the creation of Eco Lighting Specialists Ltd. I can’t call this a rags-to-riches story – yet. But I’m totally convinced that, with his effort and enthusiasm, it is simply a matter of time before this business really takes off. I’m fond of quoting [someone or other- can’t recall who] saying “persistence is the only thing that failure can’t live with”. Of course this is simplistic –perhaps even trite – but if Marc (or any of us) can just “keep on keeping on”[that was me!] success is inevitable.

Next Tuesday we’re hearing from Luke Taylor of Orchard Compliance who is a Health & Safety specialist. In many ways I liken Luke to Karen: both are in businesses that aren’t necessarily ‘sexy’ [though I suspect Karen would argue with me about that] but their deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for their subject attracts us all in. Let’s see if we can generate more referrals for them.

It’s a bit of a cliché to compare success in sport with success in business – but that doesn’t invalidate the comparison. Reading Coco Gauff’s ’back story’ is really quite inspiring. Yes, she has a natural talent; yes, she had supportive parents who actually moved to Florida to be closer to high quality training camps. And yes, she works in a field where the money for true success is incredible. But lots of people have some natural talent [my grandson Noah is a handy tennis player at 12 years old – but we ain’t moving to Florida] and lots of people have supportive families and even some money behind them. But, clearly, this isn’t enough or we’d all be successful tennis players, business people – whatever. Over the years I’ve formed the opinion that the one thing that sets the real ‘winners’ apart from us ordinary mortals is simply that they want it badly enough.

A driving desire for success in sport – or business – will help you overcome the bad times: it’ll help you take that strong second serve when you’re at match point down; it’ll help you to get up and train early each day before school. And it’ll help you to pick up the phone to just one more prospective client when the last ten have blown you out. One of my families’ standard phrases is “Ya wannit? Ya goddit” – I’m a sage and I didn’t even realise!!

See y’all on Tuesday – we start at 07.00!!