Manchester Professional Networking Weekly Email

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A much better attended meeting this week and a great presentation from Amanda. I’m keenly aware of WPA as a business and the benefits of being one of their policyholders (especially the Cash Plan which feels like a ‘no brainer’) but I hadn’t realised quite how long they have been around. Being founded in 1901 makes them 118 years old by my reckoning – I imagine there aren’t many companies in the world that have been in business that long! I particularly noted what I suppose you could call their ‘mission statement’: “to get members ‘back to better’ with their choice of care and no long waits.” Love it.

Next Tuesday we’re hearing from Luke Taylor who we postponed two weeks ago. As I said in an earlier message, Luke brings bouncing enthusiasm to a topic (Health & Safety) which I think many people imagine is rather unexciting. Whatever your opinion, having the correct H&S procedures in place is a legal obligation that we ignore at our peril. And if we’ve got to have them, I’d rather they were set up by an enthusiast like Luke! I look forward to his presentation.

See ya Tuesday. We start at 07.00!