Like it or not, we’re all in sales

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Thanks to Amanda for telling us her ‘back story’ this week – it’s always good to get to know the ‘person behind the business’. Amanda also reminded us of the many benefits of using WPA as our private healthcare insurer. Two things stand out from my notes:

  • only 15% of the UK population has Private Medical Insurance – lots to go at Amanda!
  • WPAs attitude is not “how much will it cost?” but “will it make you better?”

Amanda needs more biz – let’s give her some!

In my business we have plenty of young(ish) advisers who are have scored great marks in all their financial planning exams – but they can’t get in a lift with someone and use that brief timeframe as an opportunity to make a connection. They can’t ‘close’ a piece of business – they seem to hope that simply making a technical presentation to their prospective client will inevitably lead to the deal being done. They are uncomfortable with handling ‘objections’ and asking for the order.

I mention this because our speaker next Tuesday is Ian Gregory. As you know, Ian runs a very successful business called The Alternative Board and also acts as a business coach and mentor. But Ian also brings good old-fashioned ‘selling skills’ to the table – something which I’m convinced is sadly missing from many training courses these days. I have a theory that someone with good sales skills can sell most things given some basic product knowledge. But a brilliant technician with no sales skills will go hungry! And, like it or not, we’re all in sales in one form or another.

I’ve no idea what Ian is going to talk about – but I bet he sells it well!