it’s not the hours you put in that matter

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Many thanks for your contributions this week. I particularly enjoyed that Richard Pepall’s explanation of ‘co-shareholder’ agreements. That guy could be a great success – if he was only 20 years younger!

It was good to meet Pete and Jay: do please come and visit us again guys – gotta be some business in the room for you! I also enjoyed chatting to Angel who was ‘subbing’ for Karen.

Next week our speaker is Siegfred Ntiamoah who runs Indexsio Digital. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to what we used to call ‘new media’. But listening to Siegfred each week convinces me that getting good at these modern methods of communication [or retaining someone like Siegfred who is already good] is pretty essential in today’s world. I look forward to hearing more about his fascinating business.

We’re writing record levels of business right now, and I’m top man in my firm again – showing these youngsters there’s life in the old man still! I had a ‘case conference’ with Paula (my office manager) to make sure we weren’t losing track of any of the myriad cases with which we’re currently involved. She’s been with me about 10 months and has gradually got used to my idiosyncrasies [poor girl] and she professed herself amazed at the volume of business we manage to transact out of our barn in Cheshire – especially as I skive off most Mondays and quite often suggest she leaves early if my workload isn’t yet ready to be passed to her.

I made some remarks about “staying focussed” and “concentrating on what’s important rather than what’s urgent” etc [lots of stuff you’ve all heard me pontificate about before] and she came out with a great comment: “I suppose it’s not the hours you put in that matter, it’s what you put in the hours isn’t it?” “Right on!” I replied (being a child of the 60’s). But isn’t that a great concept? Clearly working with me is rubbing off on her….!!


See y’all Tuesday. We start at 07.00.