Dream car on the fridge door

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May I be the first – and last – to wish each of you a very Happy New Tax Year?!

The mayhem has ended and normal service has resumed – kinda. Great to see lots of new faces at this week’s meeting: I gather Karim and Joe have decided to join our merry band. You are both most welcome. It was also nice to meet Joanne Hawkins the VPA. Jo is a member of Ian Gregory’s TAB – so she should know that we don’t like TLA’s! Jo came as a substitute for Marc – but you’d be welcome to come again Jo.

Ian was our speaker this week and gave us a taste of what an ‘Alternative Board’ session looks like. The case study was really interesting and, I suspect, based loosely on a real case? Please do have a 1 to 1 with Ian – The Alternative Board (no TLA) may be just what you need.

Next week it’s the turn of Marc Palmer. Marc runs Eco Lighting Specialists Ltd: the potential savings to the bottom line Marc can make – not to mention savings in carbon – are quite extraordinary. Marc is becoming a very good presenter (though he doesn’t think so) and I look forward to his talk.

Vividly imagined

I mentioned last week about the RAF pilot who had a picture of the Red Arrows on a Vision Board for several years – before becoming a member of the Red Arrows! In his presentation, Ian Gregory confirmed that many of his Board members use this technique to help visualise their goals. A picture of a car, a boat, a villa abroad – whatever – may sound a bit corny but it really works – if you believe it works. I read ages ago that our brains can’t distinguish between a real event or a vividly imagined one. As proof, they cited examples of people who were hypnotised and then told that hypnotist’s finger was a red hot poker. When the finger touched the subject’s skin it blistered. The subject vividly believed it was a poker – and the brain provided the appropriate response.

I prattle on about this sort of stuff every week and I get various reactions for you. I’m quite sure someone will think this ‘vividly imagined’ stuff is nonsense. And they may just be right. But what harm can it do to put a picture of your dream car on the fridge door? And you never know…