Confidence isn’t what you have…

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Great meeting this week – and special thanks to our guest presenter Sonya O’Sullivan from Stratus Associates with her great talk titled ‘How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking’. Sonya is clearly at the top of her game – I suspect we could all benefit from her expertise. As I’ve mentioned before, Dale Carnegie created a worldwide organisation based around the premise that if you can speak confidently in public, speaking in a 1 to 1 business negotiation is dead easy. I quite like to sound of Stratus Associates plc Sonya….

I made loads of notes but, for me, the most stand-out comment Sonya made was “confidence isn’t what you have – it’s what you do.” Confidence is a learned skill – it’s not something that some folk are born with and most of us aren’t. If you think back you’ll recall a day when you couldn’t drive a car. But now you can – ‘cos you studied and learned how to do it!

Next week we’re hearing from brand new dad Tom Simpson. You all know that Tom is a solicitor and is a rising young star in his firm – Harold Stock & Co. I did notice that Tom was very interested in Sonya’s presentation and asked lots of questions. So I confidently predict a polished presentation from Tom: he’ll respect his own expertise, he’ll be well prepared (and he knows his audience), he’ll be there early (baby permitting) and he’ll take us through the round window…. [a prize for anyone under 35 who gets that reference!]