avoiding procrastination

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Thanks to Marc Palmer for his excellent presentation this week. I got quite emotional watching the video showing the ‘before and after’ of some of Marc’s recent work. I know his business is growing but Marc is a great example of the benefits of ‘keeping on keeping on’. If I may paraphrase Delboy Trotter, “in the next few years Marc, you will be a millionaire!”

Our speaker next Tuesday is the irrepressible Ben Shevlin from Not Just Travel. As well as promoting NJT, Ben is also learning to be a stand-up comic. And I do mean ‘learning’ as he’s been attending a course every Saturday. Who knew such a thing even existed?! The course culminated with a  live show in front of his classmates last week – do tell us how this went Ben.

A warm welcome to our newest signed-up members Joe Denman, Luke Taylor and Karim Samani. I’ll look to get your presentation slots booked asap. I’d also ask you to send me 100 word ‘bios’ for the website.

Avoiding procrastination

I’ve talked about the power of ‘visualisation’ recently and how our brains can’t differentiate between a real experience and a vividly imagined one. I had a first meeting with a new prospective client on Tuesday after MPN. For some reason we got chatting about this concept and he suggested I use his loo…. I lifted the seat and there was a sign saying “DO IT NOW!” In fact there were a number of these signs dotted round the house and this is his way of avoiding procrastination! Isn’t that brilliant?! I was thinking about procrastinating myself today – but I’ve decided to leave it till tomorrow…


See y’all Tuesday. We start at 07.00!